Dee Hillman


Acting Executive Director

I am gratefully closing one chapter of service at the Bayview Opera House and fulfilling another. From April to August of 2022, I served in the role of a lifetime, advocating for Black arts and culture in the San Francisco’s Southeast sector as Acting Executive Director of the Ruth Williams Memorial Theater Bayview Opera House.

For the past four months, I have used community engagement, corporate reconciliation, and inclusion best practices to support the radical re-entrification of marginalized artists in Bayview’s cultural center. My fundraising efforts generated a $1 million in government grants and private awards and recruited two executive-level team members including my replacement.

Looking back on the celebrations, programs, premiers, and town halls that kept our doors open during the summer of 2022, I am grateful to our Board of Directors and my network of professional women who cheered me on and held me up.

Engaging in this type of community work while homeschooling was a great gift and a season in my life that I will never take for granted. Here are a few pictures of my favorite moments!

Now, as I return to my seat as President of the Board of Directors, I am excited about the leadership of our new ED, Quincy McCoy and supporting him in the meaningful work to be realized in our community. Our advocacy for artists, their art, and diverse audiences continues!

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