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Family Reunion

Last weekend, my husband’s paternal side of the family gathered together for a long overdue family reunion! And boy, what fun it was.

I’m so glad our little Hillman clan was able to see a legacy of Hillman love bigger than ourselves. Coming from such a small family to my husband’s larger tribe is such a joy!

The festivities were held in Los Angeles at a beautiful park.

The weather was lovely, the food was delicious, and the memories were unforgettable!

Moments like these are so special. I especially relish the generational wisdom that is passed down from our elders to the children. Those golden whispers of love are sometimes said during a meal, in between a game a tug-of-war, or while watching folks dance.

I’d love to hear how others intentionally foster fellowship through celebrations in their family. Do you have any family rituals that are particularly special to you? If not, do you think your family would be open to having a reunion, vacation, or annual gathering? What can you do to make that happen?

Let’s pray.

Dear Father,

We are so grateful to be engrafted into your family through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. When we feel our family doesn’t have it all together, you remind us that it’s okay. So we lift up our loved ones to you. Those that are broken, lonely, estranged, or lost…let them find their way back to your heart and our arms. Heal our families and make us completely whole in you. And until we gather for the ultimate family reunion at your imminent return, may we follow after peace with our brothers and sisters. In Jesus’ name.


Let’s make it a priority to love on our family, no matter how big or small!

Be blessed!

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